Finishing up Australia!!

Last week I let my DoodleBug decide which country she wanted to read up on.  I only meant to help her pass some time, so I could help TaderBug with her alphabet.  Little did I know it would turn into an all out family learning adventure!

We checked out books on Australia from the library and looked up information and animal images online. 

We even practiced how to speak in Australia (Australian Strine) with the help of these sites:

and for mom’s humor:

We had tapped out my Australian resources on , which for those who don’t already know the site it was FULL of stuff and facts and kept us busy until….

I decided we should do crafts and lapbooks…

my brain is a little wooobly lately so I knew I needed guidance.  After posting a request on my facebook wall I had a friend lead me to Teachers Book Bag!  I hopped over and spent $3 on thier Continental Little Hopper’s Unit on Australia

We have had sooo much fun!  It went from K all the way to 3rd grade so both my big girls had things to do!

I had most of Tader’s stuff precut, Doodlebug would have to work them scissors!  LOL

Then it was time to take some passport pictures:

(I had also purchased the first Continental Hoppers Unit on Africa so I could have the ‘tools’ mentioned in the lesson)

We made our Jumbucks (aka… sheep)

not sure what Tader is doing with her leftover ‘Jumbuck wool’ but she was temporarily quiet… and that’s all that mattered!

this is Doodlebug’s suitcase, it holds her passport and her photo envelope!

She’ll have to finish the inside tomorrow, it’s late and my head hurts!  That was a LOT of information!

Good thing I had put the spaghetti sauce on early this morning!

and what was Bubbagirl doing?  Taking baby wipes out of the tub one at a time and piling them under the high chair… when she wasn’t trying to eat glue sticks of course.

And because YouTube is great for homeschool….  we learned a folk song… enjoy folks!

Waltzing Matilda

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