Menu Plan Monday September 28th!

I took time this weekend to visit my favorite recipe site All Recipes!  I hadn’t been in a while and was surprised to see a new option to alter a recipe and SAVE it that way in my online recipe box!  I have a new friend (we moved back in May) who LOVES to use her crock pot, which means I, of course, must break mine out again and give it a whirl!

Saturday  morning I set out to make a Slow Cooker Chicken Pot Pie Stew
and it was delicious!!  We had it again last night as leftovers, with some fresh croissants (thanks to a little sale at Kroger coupled with some coupons, they were el cheapo!!)

Here’s what’s on the menu this week!

Monday:  Spaghetti… old standby b/c the kids will eat it!  But I’m going to try cooking it in my slow cooker for the first time!

Tuesday:  Leftovers,  yeah, it’s the slacker way out, but I make a ton of sketti and the girls LOVE it!  We might try a different noodle with it, or make breadsticks instead of garlic bread, but the sauce is leftover from the night before. 

Wednesday:  Slow Cooker Adobo Chicken…   with baked potato and something green  ( I pick veggies last minute..)

Thursday: Southwestern Chicken and White Rice     I love a one dish wonder!  I have chicken precooked in the freezer, from two weeks ago when I found a great sale at Food Lion!  Makes dinner easy!  I’ll leave some of the chicken to the side, and some rice to the side and make my girls some green beans.

Friday: Normally a take out night but we’re going to have either Pot Roast or London Broil in the slow cooker.  I have a rain check from Food Lion to get the London Broil for 1.99/lb.  I just need to make it back out to the store.

Saturday will be leftovers.

and Sunday… we’ll, my hubby is going fishing that day, so we’re going to be very laid back and eat fast food at home (i.e.  probably hot dogs and tater tots just because I can )

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