I know that’s not the most creative name for a game but I’m working on limited brain power these days.
This past week my dear hubster and I have started playing canasta again. Actually I played, he just handed me cards until I won! HA HA (sorry baby, couldn’t resist, I’m sure you’ll get me next time!) Doodlebug, our eight year old, desperately wanted to play with us. I remember playing when I was eight, but I really don’t. think Doodle’s is ready. Her math skills aren’t where they need to be to play effectively. So, today I’m going to try to help her with her math by using cards in an effort to hone her card playing skills.
I call the game TEN!
I’m sure if you google ‘card games to teach kids math’ there will be some mom who already has this idea, it’s not that amazing or unique 🙂
Think OLD MAID crossed with GO FISH with addition.
We’ll deal out 5 cards.
Leave the rest in a pile in the middle.
I’ll pick a card from her hand, and see if I can add it to one in my hand to equal 10. If I can’t, then I’ll draw one card. First one to empty their hand wins.
If she does well, then we can play again but add to 11 or 12 and so on. Maybe at some point letting her use up to three cards to total the correct amount.
I’m considering taking out some of the K,Q, and J’s to keep the deck small.
Wish me luck! We’ll be playing after breakfast!