Why I love the GroceryGame!

A few months back, in effort to take control of my food budget again, I signed up for a trial membership with www.grocerygame.com . I had made a new friend in our new town and she had been ‘playing the game’ for quite a while, offering me some ‘proof’ that it worked. It’s been just over two months, my freezers are full, my cabinets are bursting, and I’ve already saved enough money to pay for my membership AND my newspapers (for the coupons) for the next YEAR!

I ran out yesterday to Food Lion to grab a few ‘stockpile’ items and I thought I’d share my receipt with you! Almost felt like I was stealing groceries!

Paper Towels 2 packs… reg. 3.49, on sale BOGO, used coupon, got them for .74 cents a pack!!

Laundry Detergent (32 loads) reg. 4.99, on sale BOGO, used coupon, $2.00 each

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle and Tomato soups, reg. .89, on sale for .59, w/ coupon only .49 cents

Non Freezer Lunches… hubby loves these… reg. 2.50, on sale 2/4.00, w/ coupon… $1.00 each!

My favorite deal was an unexpected one though. I really wanted to have some lil smokies in crescents rolls this weekend when my company comes but alas, I had no coupon and didn’t see any on sale. HOWEVER, when I arrived at Food Lion they were BOGO!!! I obviously purchased some and am currently planning to use my “$4 off entire order” coupon for Kroger along with some Pillsbury coupons to score me some FREE crescent rolls! (Oh, I got the $4 coupon by buying Pillsbury products at Kroger… might come out with another coupon too!)

Grand total was $112.00 in groceries for $51.00! Last Friday I did another ‘better than half price’ deal at Kroger when I walked out with $450.00 in groceries for $221.00! I cannot describe how awesome it is to get FREE groceries!

Please leave a comment here or friend me on Facebook if you want to know more about how to save with the GroceryGame! And if you decide to try it out, and since every penny counts, please please use my email as a referrer…. I only get paid in ‘free weeks’ of the list.

The grocery game is not just for Food Lion and Kroger. Just enter your zipcode and pick your grocery store.

Happy Saving!

**I didn’t list the brand specifics for items I purchased with the help of “The List” per the TOS with my membership… PLEASE take time to try the FREE trial out and see for yourself how great this is!**

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  1. Jessica says:

    I'm so happy that I turned you onto the Grocery Game! It's been a blessing to my family to have found it, and I'm so happy that it's a blessing to your family as well.


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