Doing time in the pen.

No, I haven’t hurt anyone. At least not yet. My sinuses are clearing, and in 48 hours I’ll be two children shy of a full house which means I might actually FIND the inside of my house again.  Just in time for it to be trashed by Christmas decorations.

I’m talking about playpens, porta cribs, and those groovy adjustable folding ‘fences’ you can get for your little chaos makers.  Do you put your kids in them?  Seems this is another of those great mommy debates.  I feel totally left out because until today I didn’t realize it was an ‘issue’ worth discussing.  Some moms view them as little jail cells. I see them as safety equipment. Better than socket covers and toilet locks. 

I can use them inside or outside.  I can use them at home or away.  For one of my kids it was a security blanket of sorts.  Even if we were somewhere strange she knew she had her space, her spot that she made her comfortable and safe.  I have never used it as a permanent play spot.  I don’t wake Bubbagirl in the morning and put her in a playpen for the entire day.  When it’s time to work in the garage, or when I’m doing some heavy cooking, don’t think I hesitate to put my shifty chipmunk in safe place while I work. 

There is nothing wrong with boundaries, and having a time and a place for being underfoot. 

So, do your kids do time in the pen?   

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One thought on “Doing time in the pen.

  1. PrairieMom says:

    We absolutely did! In fact, we toted them with us to the lake cabin, as well.
    All in the name of safety, routine, and comfyness…lol. A little piece of their home habitat, if you will.
    We used a portable Graco pack-n-play, several gates, and when the kids were older, I'd say from 2.5 on up, they used a portable tent like thing that attached to their bed and became a place to play puppet show!
    Anyhow, you get the picture. Our kids loved the security that all these things provided and we liked the safety features.
    Nuff said…. are you sorry you asked?


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