Entertaining Chaos Makers so you can get your turkey on!

Thanksgiving day is almost upon us and as usual most of our kitchens are about to become a buzz with baking and roasting and boiling and stirring and…. phew, is it time to eat yet?  All this planning on working and thinking about working is making me hungry.

I am being blessed this year, as I do not have to cook an all out Thanksgiving Meal.  I just have to bring pie, four three to be exact (the forth is a secret pie that only my mother will know about).  Despite my light workload, I knew I needed to plan ahead a few turkey day related activities for my chaos makers to keep them out of my harms way.

I was excited to find a few ideas that used stuff I already had laying around the house:

Paper Cup Turkeys from Kaboose.com!  Rated Easy for ages 6 and up!   TOO CUTE and great for name place holders.

A cutie patootie Tissue Paper Turkey from FamilyFun.go.com!  My eight year old could do it, but it is trickier than the paper cup turkeys.  Perfect centerpieces!

Danielle’s Place (of Crafts and Activities)
has several “Paper Plate” turkey crafts to choose from.  Simple to more educational crafts these are going to be easy, quick and fun!

and if turkeys start to bore them….  you can always head over to my favorite “how to use up a empty roll of tp” craft site!  DLTK-kids.com!  They have some really adorable Native American and Pilgrim crafts and activities.

And if all else fails… play this:

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