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Introducing & Feeding Solids – 12 Tips for Weaning Babies

Author: English Nanny
Have you made the decision?

Have you set that specific date when you are going to start feeding your baby on solid food?

Here are 12 tips that will help you on this journey off weaning your baby.

You will make this choice to start introducing solids to your baby because she has got to the age when you have been advised that is what you should do or because she is really hungry and needs the solid food.

You will be faced with many alternatives and lots of advice as to how to introduce feeding solids to your baby. Babies’ do not come with an instruction leaflet that tells you exactly how and when to start to feed your baby on solid food. You may find the whole weaning thing to be very daunting experience especially if you are a first time parent.

I have instructed many parents as to how to introduce solids and here are twelve of my tried and tested tips.

Weaning tip 1

The best time to introduce a new taste to your baby is when she’s really hungry but not when she is tired and cranky. Don’t give her, her favorite food first otherwise she is less likely to want to try the new taste. In the beginning you may want to add a new taste to one she already likes but you then need to introduce the new taste on its own.

Weaning tip 2

It is easy and much better if you can cook food for your baby and not use jars too often. This can be done easily as you can cook just once a week and freeze the food. Cook the vegetables and fruit, puree them and put them into an ice cube tray and freeze them. Once frozen place them in labeled bags or containers in the freezer.

Weaning tip 3

When you first introduce a new taste to your baby she may react in a negative manner. This is normal. Parents may think that if a baby does not like a food taste the first time then it is best not to give that food to her for a few weeks. Instead try giving it to her for three or four consecutive meals and then she will often react a little more positively at each meal as she gets used to the taste.

Weaning tip 4

Don’t avoid giving your child a food just because you don’t like it. Children will often eat things that their parents don’t like if they are given it.

Weaning tip 5

You can introduce spices to you child’s food from an early age (not salt). If you do this you will raise a child who eats a wide variety different food tastes all throughout her life. As she gets older include a wide variety of different foods everyday and introduce your child to a well balanced diet from early in life.

Weaning tip 6

Sometimes a baby may not be very interested in eating off her spoon; it can help if you let her smell the food. It might be the spoon that she doesn’t like so using a different one may solve the problem. Never add solid food to your baby’s bottle unless instructed to do so by your paediatrician for medical reason.

Weaning tip 7

You do not have to heat up your baby’s food. If your baby gets used to eating food at room temperature it will be easier to feed her when you are away from home.

Weaning tip 8

Let your child enjoy exploring her food with her fingers, she will make a mess but this is part of the enjoyment. This is one of life’s rich positive experiences and most children will enjoy it.

Weaning tip 9

As soon as your child can sit confidently in her chair then think about eating as least one meal together each day as a family. Children learn a lot by watching and copying people. Set a good example to her by having a well balanced diet yourself. Try to make meal times a positive experience for all of you.

Weaning tip 10

Many parents start there baby’s on flavored yogurt this is not necessary. Instead introduce her to plain yogurt and fruit puree.

Here are some suggestions of the fruit you can use:

Apple sauce with a hint of cinnamon
Pear and apple
Cooked peach with apple, pear or banana
Mashed avocado
Apple or pear flavoured with blueberries
Weaning tip 11

Steam all your vegetables and then use the water for sauce or gravy or add to soups.

Weaning tip 12

Don’t give your child food to pacify her as this gets her to associate being calmed with food and this can become a habit for life.

Remember children learn more by what they see you doing so set a good example to your child.

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