Has anyone seen it?

A few years ago (ok, more like fifteen), my aunt made a small remark that has haunted her until this very day.  She suffers from an incurable tendency to get her ‘popular phrases’ mixed up (a character trait I can proudly say I share with her).  She was trying to say she had ‘lost my train of thought’ and instead said ‘lost my track of mind’.  Poor thing, the family still picks on her about that comment.

Everyone but me.

I’m 34 now.

I am 18 weeks pregnant with baby number FOUR.

I homeschool two of the three girls, second grade and kindergarten.

We have been covered in snow and low temperatures for WEEKS now, and it snowed again last night.

I can officially say that I lost my train of thought around baby number two. Every now and then it would roll around and I’d ride it for a while and then fall off again. 

As of today, my TRACK of mind is gone too. 

This means a couple of things:

1.  There is NOTHING for my train of thought to come back on.

2. And even if someone else found it for me, I couldn’t ride it anywhere…. because I’ve lost the dang track.

So, if anyone happens to see a lonely cobwebby (and possibly covered in ketchup and goldfish crackers) track anywhere please let me know.  I’ll send my hubby over right away to guard it till my thoughts come back around.