Scraps for Dinner? Yessirreebob you betcha!

It is awful when you have a freezer full of food, a pantry overflowing, and yet you hear yourself saying… I don’t know what to fix for supper.


After looking around aimlessly at my favorite recipe sites and stumbling upon some cooking shows on I became inspired….

Here is the video I watched:

What I made was a little different, because I literally just cleaned out the fridge with the half of this and parts of that that I had. 

While the taters were in the oven I pulled out my big bowl and started filling it with anything that looked good and stood still! Half container of sour cream, half stick of butter, a lonely green onion, three lonely chives, half bag of mexican mix shredded cheese, and the rest of the honey ham lunch meat cut into little squares.  The final touch was reheating the leftover brocolli from the night before, draining it and tossing it into the mix.

My taters didn’t scoop as well as Tyler’s, so I just cut up the whole dang thing, skin and all, and mixed and mashed it all up in the bowl together.   I had some mini aluminum loaf pans (the plan was to back bread in them as gifts but it never materialized) so I stuffed the ‘stuff’ into them, heaped high up and looking good!  Back in the oven for a bit to melt the cheese and OH MY GOODNESS we could barely finish what was sticking out the top! 

I’ve made them twice so far and other than deciding to leave out the brocolli (maybe sub in something else) I think they are going to become a regular at our house!

Next time we’re going to try them with a little chicken, bbq sauce, and sweet corn!  WHOO HOO!