Monday with our Tiny Tag Along

There's No Place Like Home

Daddy left this morning.  He’ll be gone a few days for work.  We, the girls, get to play.  Eat easy dinners.  Stay up late.  Slack a little on the tidying up.

Schoolwork, on the other hand, must continue.  Even though mommy would prefer to just hang out in our jammies for three days and craft.

So, while DoodleBug works on her math book,

and TaderBug cuts the alphabet out of the Sunday Paper (I do wish she’d get to the glueing part already),

I let our Tiny Tag Along Bubbagirl sort some snack foods out into an egg carton.

of course, as I write this post we’ve had two meltdowns and an escape from the chair.  Now, we’re running around with our new toothbrush until that novelty wears off.
Let the countdown till 4 pm (when the neighbor girl gets home from school) begin!
Happy School Day Ya’ll!
**are you schooling with a Tiny Tag Along?  Join us here! 

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