Not Me Monday

I was up early this morning…  me, but it was entirely by accident.

I fixed a yummy nutritious well balanced breakfast for the whole family…  not me, I did make hubby some muffins (sooo not from scratch), but the kids got cereal, and I think Doodlebug actually fixed it for her and Tader.

I had the bulk of my chores done before we even started schoolwork (ya know, there really wasn’t that much, I stay pretty on top of things around here)…  um again, not me, and not it’s almost lunch and well, yeah, you know how this is going to end right?

I planned the coolest assignments today and the girls loved them and did their work without fuss!…  not me, not us, not ever!  I thought I had something fun planned.  We even looked good when we started, but as usual, we encountered multiple meltdowns over how hard it is to write the letter V and how boring math is and so on.

For my sanity I think I will let them watch a movie, since our tot is napping, and I may go lock myself into the freeezing cold garage doing pretending to do laundry.


*evil laugh*

I put THEM in the garage with some left over wrapping paper and markers and they can draw me a lovely mural of a sunny landscape!  (or color each other, I don’t much care today)

God Bless the motivated and ‘on top of things’ moms this morning… I’m gonna go be happy I actually called my midwife today for our checkup. 

I have invited my facebook friends to another 15 minute challenge today (read about it here and here). One of them is already done…  I’m slacking, time to find my timer.

Happy “Not Me” Monday Ya’ll!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

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