She said "cha ching!"

I’m not entirely certain that my blessed eight year old even understands the meaning or conotation of the phrase “cha ching!” but that is what escaped her lips when she found out Daddy was working out of town for a few days.

Not… oh NO what will we do without DADDY!

No…  ugh… I’m gonna miss him!

not a sniffle, a tear or a pout…

Just a loud “CHA CHING!”

Why? Because she knows that when Daddy is gone, all the pretty girls (which would be everyone in the house, all four of us) get to sleep with Mommy, in Mommy’s bed.  It also means there is no real bedtime, since mommy is probably too busy doing something fun to bother putting little girls to bed.

Mommy doesn’t end the dance party just because it’s 9 o’clock.

and if Mommy wants to keep working on her Sudoku puzzle then she ignores that little people are still playing, as long as they play nice. 

There is also an increased chance of pizza delivery and no mad rushes to pick up the living room at 5 pm so it’s tidy before Daddy gets home.

She knew it meant almost three whole days of just ‘hanging out with mom’ and I guess she got excited. 

Now to put on our pouty faces until he leaves 🙂