And then comes God…

This morning I sent an email to my Aunt… whom I love dearly.
This is that email:

I’m saying Good Morning.
I’m drinking coffee.
It IS GOING to be a GOOD day.
It IS GOING to be a PEACEFUL day.
Because I asked GOD for it and HE LOVES me.
Unless He decides I need to learn something.
Like patience.
Or compassion.
In which case I’m totally screwed.
Because I have very little of either.
Which means the learning will be hard.
And there will be casualties.
(you laughing yet)

Those of you who know me on facebook or twitter know that until 3pm today, it WAS a pretty good day.  Even school came and went pretty peacefully.  And then came God.  Thank you God for the calm this morning because when You decide I need to practice stress management, or patience, or whatever You do it with style…. and I never see You coming!

This post is supposed to be about the before and after’s of my 15 minute challenge.  Don’t worry, it still will be about that.  I just need to let you know up front that the ‘after’ pics of the kitchen will NOT be here. Because of this:

what is that you ask?

why it’s everything that SHOULD BE HERE:

Our second leak under the sink.  I think I can fix it, but I will patiently wait the ok of Mr. B before I start breaking out the plumbers tape.


That explains the kitchen, and why as of right now I’ve pretty much decided I’m not going to do anything else today.

Which is a total lie.

The kids will need supper.

And I really need want a shower. 

I will do something. 

More than likely it won’t involve a lot of housework though.

For the few anxious people waiting to see what, if anything, did get accomplished here are the pictures.  My house is by no means perfect now, nor will it ever be.  Tomorrow, if they don’t destroy it tonight, will be even better.  That’s the blessing of this technique.  It doesn’t have to all get done today.

The Befores:

Now the Afters:  Remember, only 15 minutes in each space

(We’ll show the kitchen later, the only thing really clean in here is under the sink, and the dishes that got washed)

There are two loads of clean laundry (the 15 minutes in the garage did that!) on the couch. At least the toys are up and Doodlebug, bless her heart, ran the vacuum.

(That’s Bubbagirl on the bed… blissfully sleeping!)  Gosh I wish my room looked like a bedroom and less like a ‘place to crash’!

I also did our bathroom, and Doodlebug did her and Tader’s bathroom. (no pics of that… )

And finally, the crap craft room…  this was more of a ‘make a hole so we can come back later’ challenge.  This is also the room where my back said enough and I decided I was going to take a bath.  Then I remembered I forgot to run the dishwasher.  I went downstairs to run it, and while taking the Finish Tabs out of the cabinet my socks got wet…  the leak… no bath… no more cleaning… not even sure which room I left the timer in.

So, a big thank you to God for His wonderful ways of telling me to take a break, eat some candy, lay on the couch, relax, ….

ok, maybe He was telling me to take up plumbing…  I don’t know.

I will move the stuff to one side of the sink, stick a pot under the leak and finish my dishes.  Eventually. Maybe we’ll call Domino’s for dinner after all. 

Leave your link in your comment so I can see all the great progress you made today!  And remember, there IS always tomorrow… and if there’s not, it really won’t matter how clean your house was, as long as there was love in it.

**for those who notice, no there is no after picture of their room either.  I decided Doodlebug had cleaned enough today… cuz I’m a nice mom like that.**

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