She waited long enough don't you think?

We are in the grocery store. We are headed down the baking aisle so I can pick up some sugar and they spot the Jello snack cups. 

“Don’t even look at it” I say, “I can make it at home cheaper”

And the next week, it’s the same stinkin’ story….  only maybe this time I’ll actually buy a box of Jello.  Maybe, maybe not, because I know I have TEN boxes at home from all of our other trips to the grocery store.

My daughter can send a big thank you card to Molly Green from for motivating me to clean out the ‘spice cabinet’. It just happens to be the ‘baking cabinet’ and the ‘stuff I hide from the kids-like candy’ cabinet and while clearing out the old expired stuff my all-to-helpful and sarcastic hubby pulled out the boxes of Jello and asked,

“Hey honey? You ever gonna make this stuff?”

Thanks honey.  Yes I am. Eventually. But am I the only one around here that can boil water?

Apparently I am because no one else made any Jello.
Until today.
When my guilt overwhelmed me.
And I realized that my kids deserved a little Jello.
They deserved the ‘real’ kind, not my store brand.

They had, after all, waited….. FOUR MONTHS.

What can I say? Maybe it is that hard to boil water and stir.

Maybe I was just waiting for the day when I had cool plastic cups left over from a party so I could make them look like the snack cups in the store…

Yep, that must be it.  I was waiting for the cups to show up.

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