Showing some love to my new toy!

This is my new toy.
Yep, Merry Christmas to ME thanks to my Baby! (that’s Mr. B)
Unfortunately, until I score myself a copy of  The Mixer Bible recipe book, or something similar, it’s going to stay right there gathering dust until I get off my booty and make some more bread.  (Did you read my post about the Jello?)
Well, can’t have it getting all dirty doing NOTHING, Mr. B might want to send it back, get a refund, and buy Playstation 3 games with it (silly boy!).
So, what’s a girl to do…
Well, thanks to Kristine Tsai at Mudmuffins and Woogiemonsters I now have a GREAT tutorial on how to make a mixer cover… found here!
I have some truly off the wall fabric upstairs in my stash of ‘stuff I have to use before Mr. B will let me buy fabric again’.  I think I feel a project coming on that might just ruin my evil plans of getting the house in order while he was out of town…  doggonit *hee hee hee*