Menu Plan Monday-January 18th 2010

This is our first week participating in’s Menu Plan Monday!
I wish I were as put together as her but alas, I am not… no pouting about it though.  It’s not easy to figure out what TWO dinners to fix everynight as I think we have the weirdest little eaters ever.
I’m getting a little break this week.  The Mr. is working out of town again for a couple of nights so as long as I’m willing to eat what the girls eat, I’ll only have to cook one meal (as opposed to 1 and 1/2 or 2)
**This would have been posted sooner, but Mr. didn’t want to get up and double check the freezer for me.  I have a weird issue with the freezer, and I don’t go in it unless I have to.  The sound of the grating ice just hurts… yeah I know, I’m weird. What’s new?**
Monday: Meatloaf and Mashed Taters…  I haven’t made meatloaf in 7 years. Not since he decided he liked my cottage pie.  Well, tonight is the night!  And I might do roasted taters instead.. still wishy washy on that one.
Tuesday:  (Daddy’s Gone!) Breakfast for dinner!  Pancakes and Pancakes… maybe some eggs.
Wednesday:  I’m making it up !!  The girls want spaghetti again.. I do NOT.. So I’m going to create a recipe… Baked Spaghetti Muffins!  I’m going to put 1/2 a biscuit in the bottom of a muffin pan, a swirl of cooked noodles on top, then some sauce, then some cheese and bake until the biscuit is done.  (Don’t worry, I’ll leave some extra noodles and sauce out in case it’s a big F A I L  LOL)
Thursday:  (Daddy Comes Home) Here I will make the Pork Roast we were supposed to have this past weekend.  We have our Homeschool Group Activity Day that day and this is an easy crock pot recipe I can start before we go.
Friday: TACO TACO TACO!  Now this could totally turn into burrito pie, but at least I have a theme.  The girls will get their choice of wonderfully bad things that are easy fixes, because on Friday I’m lazy.
Saturday and Sunday we wing it,  usually because whatever we plan to do get changed at the last minute.
I have my Mary Kay party Saturday (trying to startup my biz again after moving) and we will be having lots of finger foods that day.  Sounds like a good day for Domino’s!
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