15 Minute Challenge, a checklist and new twitter tags

Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome to a new day for our 15 minute challenge!  I’m going to be working to make a simple link to show you all the posts related to our challenge (some go back to August 2007!)

I have two new things for you this morning:

First, is this groovy, paper saving, two to a page checklist you can use to mark off your rooms/areas for your challenge.  The colors equal one hour.  I left 10 rows (2 1/2 hours worth).  You can just X off the room when you’re done, or write what you accomplished in the cell.  Whatever makes YOU feel the most productive!

OR, if you’re not ready to do 15 in each room, just use each row to mark an area. Maybe your desk, or your craft table.  The junk drawer is another good one!

15 min challenge checklist

Second, we have a hashtag for twitter!  Join us there and share with us what you’ve accomplished!  Just add #tbtc15 to your tweet! I’ll find you!

Time to go have coffee with my Mr. B…. he’ll be going out of town for a few days…. and I’ll miss him.