Baked Sketti Moofins…

(When you say “moofins” think “Swedish Chef”)

On Monday, I announced that today’s menu was going to include a ‘mom-came-up-with-this-so-beware’ recipe that I called “Baked Spaghetti Muffins”.

Since then it has progressed into “Baked Sketti Moofins” because when mommy cooks like this, so random, ain’t got no recipe, winging it even though the oven is smoking, I start to feel like the Swedish Chef. 

My thought was this: if some lady can make mac and cheese in a muffin tin then I can make spaghetti in one. 

My tummy said: put this on a garlic butter biscuit and I’m in!

I’m happy to say it was a hit.  Not that they ate it. They had spaghetti in a bowl.  But they both thought it was the coolest thing ever! The baby and I ate a moofin though.  Two of them actually. 

As you will see they aren’t really moofins… or muffins… just in that shape.  They actually sit on a biscuit.

So, lets start with the basics… you need  a sauce…

Ours was from a jar, with ground beef added.  Next time I’ll add extra tomato sauce so it won’t be quite as thick.
Then there needed to be noodles!

Once again I planned a spaghetti meal without remembering to pick up spaghetti noodles. Ours were angel hair.  I tried to make them a little al dente (per Betty Crocker suggestion) but these noodles cook super fast!  I was cooking while chatting it up with my neighbor and had cooked these in advance.  They came out fine; however, next time I’ll toss them back in the pot with some butter or EVOO and do more to keep them moist.
Then of course, we need the biscuit.  My plan was to use some canned biscuits.  Again, I planned something while just assuming that I had the ingredients.  Out came Betty Crocker again to get a quick basic biscuit recipe.  We opted for the Baking Powder Biscuits….
 Being the terrible short-cut-taker that I am I did NOT knead, OR roll, OR cut… I made a ball, played with it like it was playdoh and patted it into a circle that fit the muffin pan.  This pan was for the big muffins.

Once they were all in the pan, I added a good ole pat of butter and a sprinkle of garlic powder.
Let the layers begin 🙂
Swirl up some noodles into a ‘nest’ and put it on the biscuit.
Then scoop up some sauce. Don’t be afraid to squoosh it down, pile it on, and let it stick way up!
Don’t forget to top it with some cheese!  All I had was shredded Parm, but some mozzarella would have been yummy!  I baked them at 350 degrees (the biscuit recipe wanted it hotter than that, but I had something in the bottom of my oven that was going to smoke… so I turned it down and crossed my fingers)

12 minutes later we had Baked Sketti Moofins!

The test…. will they stay in the MOOF
IN shape?


Why yes they did…  and under that pile of noodles is a very very yummy biscuit!

Tips:  Keep noodles moist, make the sauce a little saucy, and be hungry!


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  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for visiting! (and for the follow! whoo hoo)

    They actually were pretty yummy. Enough that I made sure to pack up the leftovers so they didn't get wasted 🙂

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