Breakfast for dinner…with a side of fractions

Well, tonight was “Breakfast for Dinner” night. The Mr is working out of town which means the girls played a little longer, hung out in the bathtub a little longer, and ate a little later. Oh yeah, we had PANCAKES – JUST PANCAKES!

Being the snazzy eclectic homeschooler that I am I took advantage of my 1/4 c measuring cup and the box of pancake mix. I’ll pass on the details except to tell you nothing goes well when your five year old sister answers your eight year old fraction question that you are still getting wrong after five tries.

From Tader to Doodles: “DUH, there’s FOUR of them in a cup!”

Yeah, that hurt.

First, Doodlebug got to practice her flippin’ skills!

Patience is NOT her strong point and she almost ruined the first 8 pancakes by poking at them with the spatula trying to see if they were ready to flip.

After practically throwing her pancakes onto the plate, Doodlebug stepped down and passed the spatula to Taderbug.

Other than our one pancake that almost wasn’t, Tader did pretty good. Ok, yeah I helped her…. a LOT. But she flipped the baby one all by herself and put it on the top of the pile.

Now here I sit, hoping the sugary syrup makes them sleepy. Very, very sleepy…