The little ones get blamed for it.

I owe my kids an apology.  I really do.  I probably owe them one every day, or at least a couple times a week.

Poor kids. They always get blamed for my ‘rough day’, even when it wasn’t entirely (or even mostly) their fault.

Like yesterday.

I woke up early- real early. Like 5amthesunaintevenup early.

I wrote my two bloggy posts, checked facebook for info on my new cutie-patootie nephew (a whole day and 1/2 old now), and said good morning to all my tweeps.  I made coffee for my Mr, and saw him off to work.  I even went downstairs and started a load of laundry.

The girls woke up.

That’s about all I remember.

They woke up, and amidst the normal whining, or asking, or fussing, or poking, or interrupting I know I received a couple of phone calls.  I received a couple of emails from family asking about one thing or another.

Somewhere in there was breakfast, and school, and lunch.  Someone woke Bubbagirl up from her FIVE MINUTE nap.  I know it took an hour to find pants (in their drawers), and shirts (also in their drawers), and shoes (oh gosh they are EVERYWHERE!).  Which is when Bubbagirl was woken up from her second nap. 

My time is either being sucked away or I’m giving in and quitting out of exhaustion from trying to complete a task that is constantly being interrupted. 

Here I am, the champion of the 15 minute challenge and I can’t get past 11 am without saying “I give”.

I need help my friends… (and I’ll warn you, I’m going to probably grumble that your idea won’t work… it’s just me pouting,  I’m listening … really I am 🙂  )

I need some tips,  and I need someone to hold me accountable to my own game.  And if anyone wants to tell me how to ignore the phone ringing I’d love to learn how.  The ring ring ring is just creepy to me….. and I can’t turn the ringer off, what if it’s important!

If I were smart I’d probably be reading these…  but I’d need time to read huh?  How’s that work?
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