WFMW-Jan 20- Better late then never!

Wow, I was all ready last night to write this post and then the kids, and the phone and well now it’s almost 8 pm ON Wednesday and I don’t even remember what I was going to write!
So, I’ll keep this short and sweet.  One new thing that works for me are the new hooks hubby gave me for my pots and pans.
The picture is horrible, because I honestly just took it, right now, while sitting in my hubby’s recliner typing this post up on his laptop.
See the shiny pots?
Aren’t they purty!
Like a lot of people lately, I have become a Julia Child fan.  The images of her kitchen and the peg board with all the pots in reach were calling to me in the night.
But Hubby would not budge.
He said there was no money for fancy boards, no room them either. 
His dad was the one who found a compromise.  I think he only joined the debate after watching me almost fall into my cabinets trying to get out a pot.  (5 months pregnant will do that to your center of gravity!)  Then he stood there shaking his head as I sat down on the floor to get out the next one.  It’s better than falling right?
He suggested that hubs just get some of the 3M Command plastic hooks and put them around the opening above my sink.  I love it!!  Not only are they in reach, but I don’t have to take up valuable dryer rack space with them (the water drips back into the sink!)
My sweet Mr. even picked me up a pack of small hooks so I could hang up my measuring cups and spoons.  Now if I could just get him to order me that Magnetic Knife Rack!