Menu Plan Monday – Feb 1st – Mexican and Crock Pots!

Hi Ya’ll!
Who got snow?  We did, and I’m over it… totally…
at least hubby got us out and about yesterday so we didn’t go stir crazy!
Here’s our slacking menu for the week….
Monday – Leftover Quesadilla’s with Newly made rice and beans, con queso cheese dip with chips
Tuesday – Hubs works day and over night, and we need to hit the library so we’re going to Crock Pot some taters and green beans.  Might fix the hubs a steak, the girls will have chicken.
Wednesday – Hubs working overnight again, which means he’ll be home when I’m cooking… I’m planning on trying to make homemade fried chicken…without catching the kitchen on fire!
Thursday – Big Sammy’s and Soup…  
Friday –  Pizza and party foods (piggies in a blanket) veggies and dip…  popcorn!
I didn’t plan out the weekend because we may end up with company coming…  going to have to wing it as the in-laws are on special diets…  and sometimes they take us out!
What’s good on your menu this week?
Stop by for more Menus!