What do you mean you have no pants?

Can some one PLEASE explain this to me?
How can I do 1-2 loads of laundry EVERY DAY…
and yet, my wonderful husband gets up EVERY DAY and struggles to find pants…
or a shirt…
or heaven-help-me socks or underwear!
It’s not like we have another boy in the house that might take them!!
He needs FOUR pairs of dress slacks and a pair of jeans to wear to work in any given week, YET I can’t seem to keep them washed….
(I even went a whole week where I didn’t wash ANY of my clothes, just stuff for him and the girls)
SO, my question… do you have a game plan with your laundry?  Do you wash everyone’s stuff together? Do you wash kids clothes one day and grown up clothes the next?
I’d love your input!!