It's a double duty doozie this week… what to do?

I’m gonna bleg for prayers here ya’ll
Hubby worked last night,
works tonight (like 1 am to 4 am from HOME)
which means he’s going to be here all day…
either sleeping…
or playing playstation,
while we try to do school
oh yeah..  it snowed
and more is coming
That’s a husband, a Diva 8 year old, a Superhero 5 year old, and a VERY CLINGY 1 year old up under my behind
**Amy does have a great post sharing an idea for edible paint here…  this will buy me some time**
I need prayer and suggestions!  What are you doing while your snowed in or flooded out?  Do you have any special routines you do when your normal routine is going to be disrupted?  It’s so hard to get to work when everyone else is hanging out watching movies…how do YOU stay motivated and on task?