My HP Mini Is On It's Way!!

Oh how happy can one momma get?

Ok, could be happier if I knew for sure it would be here before the STORM on Friday but I’ll just have to be happy knowing it’s coming-eventually.

I think Mr. B had a tough time with all my prenatal crying and boo hoo and online searching to find one for the price he was willing to spend.

He brought home the HP Mini they gave him at work (that he NEVER uses) and said I could ‘play’ with it and see if a netbook was really going to serve my ‘bloggy needs’.   **awe, he noticed I had needs**

I fell in LURVE with it in less than an hour and he immediately went on eBay to hunt one down….

did I say my HP Mini was ON ITS WAY!!

(He even scored one with all sorts of upgrade cool beans kind of things)

In the meantime, I’m here, half laying on the couch (because my pregnant booty and all joints associated with it are in pain) blogging off of a babies booty… don’t believe me, look at this really bad picture :

The webcam rocks when the lighting is good, but you can tell this view is from the bottom up. **Don’t dare comment on the jammies or the hair.. bad things will happen**

I’m blogging from the couch with the mini perched on Bubbagirl’s booty, running through the events of the day… some of which I’ll have to share later because I have pictures to go with them.

For now, a few random thoughts:

Why is it I felt the need to ASK Mr. B: “What are the chances I could sneak upstairs right now and take a bath all by myself?”

Why was I NOT surprised when his response was: “I guess you could try?! Good Luck!”

Why was I in that bath for less than five minutes before the Big Girls led the Bubbagirl right into the bathroom so they could ask ME (not DAD) if they could go outside and play?

Why did I not punch Mr. B between his eyes when later on in the night he looked at my legs as made a snide remark regarding my intentions on shaving my legs again?

**um never again, four kids is enough thank you**

Why can’t they come up with something that will speed up the human gestational period huh? I mean, I love my kids, loved having my kids, but this pregnancy kind of sucks. I am getting pretty hard to handle now a days. And despite my efforts, seems the joint discomfort is getting worse not better, and we still have 13 weeks to go. Not asking for a preemie… just some baby fertilizer 🙂 LOL

(don’t panic, I’m joking…)


I think Doodlebug sensed my stress. She just came and took Bubbagirl upstairs to watch cartoons with her and Taderbug. I have been alone downstairs (with NO whining) for almost a full fifteen minutes. Sheer Bliss!

’nuff whining from me for tonight…

God Bless ya’ll! It’s another crazy snow day coming up tomorrow!