Our New Computerized Classroom: Ubuntu Education

It’s 8pm on a Friday, and our Kindergartner is doing school work…

yeah, that’s what I said… SCHOOL WORK!
Mom is getting a new HP Mini and it’s going to have Ubuntu’s OS installed instead of Windows **gasp**.  I’m currently testing out the whole shebang on hubster’s HP Mini (from his work) which has Ubuntu on it.  I liked it so much, that he started playing around with it and decided to load the OS on his Dell laptop.  
That’s when he remembered that Ubuntu had free educational software!  It took a long time to download as it is a HUGE program with TONS of goodies but well worth the time and effort!
I love the way it let him give them each their own user name, and I could set the difficulty level.  It has strategy games, art, even lessons on how to use a computer and mouse!  
Taderbug ‘played’ for almost an hour and stopped because their Nanny called on the phone.  School always stops for a call from Nanny!
We went looking for a Windows version, and while they have one (with limited activities unless you pay the $27 fee), hubs said it was a bit cumbersome to install.  
Now he’s headed over to schoolforge.net checking out more free software…  Child’s Play looks like it has Brain from Pinky and the Brain on it!  ROCK ON!
Oh look, he’s testing out Child’s Play by playing a memory game… too cute!
Well, looks like we might make up our snow days this weekend!