Not Me Monday – February 8th

I am not currently hiding sitting at the kitchen table eating Superbowl leftovers that I reheated in the same sandwich baggy that hubby used to save them for me.  I mean, I totally know how horrible it is to microwave plastics and such and I know that one should move it to a plate or something, right?

I’m also not feeling all twisted and irritable over having to sweep my kitchen floor 500 billion times a day.  **Dear Hubster, I’d mop it if I weren’t so dang busy trying to keep the goldfish crackers swept up**

I most definitely am not getting all annoyed over the sound of my own name.  I am proud to be Mom, Momma, Mommy, etc….  why on Earth would I ever get tired of hearing my own name chanted to me constantly from sun up to sun down and even after then?  It’s sweet music to my ears…. NOT.

I wouldn’t even imagine shoveling the snow off the back porch as an escape from the whining and chaos inside my house… never, cuz I hate snow, and I’m 6 mths pregnant and I know that shoveling snow is going to make me very uncomfy.

I have never wished my children’s imaginations had pause buttons.

and I did not wake up this morning to look in the mirror only to notice that I was wearing the same nightshirt  the entire weekend (um.. yeah… I must have gotten dressed at some point right?)

What didn’t you do or say this week?

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