Deals from Target! Today was GREAT!

Hubby took me out today to pick up a few things for school, and get my Sunday coupons.  I wanted to stop by Target to see if they had their $1 muffin pans for Easter out yet.  They did not, but I did find some other GREAT deals, perfect for school!

First was this SET of dvd’s:

Bad picture, but looks like a great set!  Called “Explore the World” it is a 5 disk set that covers 30 different locations.   I’m so excited to add this to our workboxes.  Our girls LOVE reading up on and watching videos about other countries.  We paid only $15 for the set… that $3 per dvd.
The second deal I stumbled on was these really cutie patootie 14″ x 18″ hard plastic placemats!  Can you say 19 CENTS!  They are huge compared to a normal place mat and will be perfect for protecting the table from stray markers, paints, dough, glue and well… food!
I had to put them on the floor to take the picture.  The one on the left with all the hearts is a wordsearch! Too Cute!
The third deal was finding the laminating sheets (for my NEW laminator!)  for half price!  I was so excited I bought three packs ($1.50 each).
Lastly, I scored two outfits (pants and shirt), one for Doodlebug and one for Taderbug for . . . $1.18 each!  Long pants and long sleeved shirt! 
I don’t go ‘shopping’ often. Toting all three girls, with all the whining and such, takes the fun out of it.  Today was an exception though!  I think even the Mr. had fun helping me find deals to supplement our school work!
Did you find anything good this weekend?