Recycling Cereal Boxes – Works For Me Wednesday

I love to save a buck don’t you?

Pair that up with my disproportionate LOVE of tubs, boxes, cubbies, and organizers and I’m in a bit of a pickle.  See, those things cost money. Money that Mr. TaderDoodles won’t let me spend.

As I was straightening up our school space, I stumbled upon a stack of empty cereal boxes, flattened, that our daughters had been stashing.  I called them at my mom’s house to ask why they had kept them.  “For craftin’ Momma!” (Yea, they get it from me!)

Well, a couple of ideas crossed my mind.  The first, was turning the boxes into drawer organizers.

I cut the boxes down so they would fit in my plastic drawer then taped the bottoms back together.  This drawer is now happily storing a variety of our craft supplies: poms, wooden sticks, feathers, etc.
The second idea hit me when I was starting supper.  I went into my drawer to get a crock pot liner and my drawer was stuck from all the boxes of foil, wrap, and baggies.  I can’t mount a nifty rack in the cabinet because we rent and hubby won’t let me put screws in the door.  Not to mention, that would but those serrated edges in Bubbagirl’s reach. So here it is:

It fit four across PERFECTLY!  I can either leave it on the counter, slide it in a cabinet or even lay it back in the drawer. It keeps all the flaps held closed and keeps them from catching as I open the drawer.

I have another crazy idea over here!

One more thing I like to do with them?  I cut shapes for Taderbug to trace, like a reverse stencil!

Let me know what works for you!  I love a great reuse, recycling tip!

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