Not Me Monday – March 8, 2010

Hey ya’ll!  I bet you thought I had disappeared huh?

After a week of almost no kids and a LOT of reorganizing, we suffered through a week of three sick kids and a sick momma.  Actually, momma is still sniffling a bit but a least I can smell the bagel dog I am blissfully eating… ALL BY MYSELF!

Since I know you missed me, here are a few of my more interesting ‘not me’ moments from the past weeks:

* It was definitely not me that told my husband that I would LOVE to spend some “time *wink wink*” with him except that between the gigantic belly and the sniffly sneezing coughing aching head cold I’d probably just wet the bed… to which is rolled his eyes and plopped down in his recliner.

* It was sooo not me that hunted down the Schwan‘s delivery guy on Friday night because it was after 9 pm and he still had not shown up with my bagel dogs.  It would be selfish for me to ask him to still come to my house (eventually at 10:40pm) just to deliver bagel dogs to a pregnant lady who had been fantasizing about them for DAYS (thanks to @joyfulnspirit ‘s daughter)

* I’m not sure who told my in laws that I was feeling better on Friday and that it would be okay for them to come stay the night.  I mean, come ON, we were gone all last weekend and then sick all week, was company really a smart move? Of course not, so obviously it was NOT ME that made that call.

I’m sure there were more things I didn’t do, horribly mean and hateful things, but I can’t remember them.  I only have visions of Kleenex tissues in my head and gallons upon gallons of orange juice!

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