Revamping Our Homeschool, Part Five – Our New Curriculum

Say it with me: You don’t have to be the coolest-flybytheseatofyourpants-learningthroughcrafting-mom all the time. It’s okay.

It is okay right?

See, I really did NOT want to be the homeschool mom who made my home school feel like public school.  To me, that was defeating many of our reasons for home schooling.  I wanted to be guided by what we wanted to learn.  I planned on doing lapbooks and online tools.  I wanted to utilize all the free resources and local resources and library resources and…

what I found was that I was exhausted, my house was a mess, and Doodlebug wasn’t having fun.  She wasn’t even learning much of anything.  (Before all my friends jump on that remark,  I’m sure she learned SOMETHING, but we were falling behind fast)

That style of teaching works for me, when I’m not pregnant and nursing and exhausted…  which I have been since the school year began.

Much to my surprise, Doodlebug actually didn’t fit in with a learning style that all MY plans supported.  She liked being given a book to read and questions to answer.  She was happy with *choke* text books!

The more exhausted I became, and the more I allowed myself to admit that things were about to get very hairy around here with a Bubbagirl and a Peanut in the way, the more I realized that it may be time to try something a little more planned, a little more laid-out-for-me, and that we really needed to get back to something more Bible focused.

After tweeting out requests for suggestions and googling the homeschool twice over and back again, my husband and I were offered an opportunity to purchase an amazing curriculum for an even more amazing price.  We looked over all the information on it and took the plunge.  While I was still a little unsure, I figured if it didn’t work for us we could easily sell it to another homeschooler.

We start on Monday.  I am so excited I could almost do school today!  We we’re supposed to start last week, but as my last post mentioned, we were interrupted by a head cold!

Here is the game plan!

1. The Weaver Curriculum Volume 1- Bible centered, almost all the subjects covered, unit studies, and (my personal favorite) I can teach both girls at the same time!  There are 5 volumes, each covering K-6, with optional supplements to cover 7-12 grade.  Which means the topics discussed this year with Taderbug (K) will be repeated in year 6 for her in greater detail! We’re also using Weaver’s Wisdom Words for grammar.  It’s separate but integrates well.

Image of Math-U-See from Twitter2. Math-U-See – Weaver doesn’t cover math, which suits me just fine.  We had picked up our MUS curriculum right after Christmas.  I was tired of having crying fits everyday for math, Doodlebug (2nd grade) was embarrassed having Taderbug answer her flash cards faster then she could, and after watching the demo video on their site – well, Doodlebug did ten times better on her basic worksheets… JUST FROM THE DEMO! 

**let me just pause for a second to share that as MATH NUT, who has an Accounting degree because I thought it was the only way to do Math all day and still make money (boy was I wrong LOL), who visualizes math the way novelists can visualize a 500 page novel, it was PAINFUL trying to teach this child math… she hates it… even if I put it in terms of money and shopping (something every Diva Princess can appreciate!)**

3. Phonics for Taderbug – we’re sticking to online games, lots of mom time, and some left over supplies we had from teaching Doodlebug last year.  I have been given a few suggestions, but haven’t picked an actual curriculum for that yet, not sure I’ll need one.  We will be doing Letter Art regularly from No Time for Flash Cards and Moments of Mommyhood.

4. Startwrite – This is an easy piece of software that allows me to make handwriting sheets, spelling tests, penmanship and more!  Many different fonts to chose from, dot spacing options, starting points, and even graphics!  I was able to make a memory verse page for each of my girls in the format they were learning to write in.  (Thanks to @farmmom4him from Peace Creek Prairie for the tip on sliding them into sheet protectors and letting the girls practice with dry erase markers! Save that INK!)

For more Weaver information:

Unofficial Weaver Site
Unofficial Weaver Yahoo Group

For Math U See Information:

MUS Users Yahoo Group

The time has come for me to start filling up our workboxes for tomorrow!

Please leave us a comment letting us know what you use, what you have or have not liked, or a suggestion for a budget friendly Phonics/Reading program for Taderbug… who is showing almost NO desire in learning to read at all!  (She’s more than happy, however, to remind her big sis that 2*9 is 18!)

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