Revamping Our Homeschool, Part Four – The New Workboxes

We interrupt our current programming to bring you

“The HEAD Cold”!

Sorry for the almost two week delay on finishing up our “Revamping Our Homeschool” series.  It’s been a rough set of days with four sick ladies and a Daddy having a terribly week at work.  Finally feeling better, I rolled out of bed this morning thinking I could at least work on ONE of the last two “Revamp” posts before anyone woke up.

I really should stop thinking so much.  It’s very dissappointing to always be thinking wrong, no matter how cute she is scooting down the stairs with her arms stretched out for me to come get her.

With my cup of almost cold coffee by my side, and the sounds of D.C.Cab on the tv (thank you hubby and Netflix), I am attempting to finally share with you our new workboxes.

Originally we used the shoe rack and shoebox tubs that Sue Patrick discusses in her Workbox System.  I love little tubs, it ties in nicely with my weird love for cubbies (like the kind you used in preschool and kindergarten).  I loved that the girls could take their box and run with it, to whatever room, and then stack them up as they finished.

Two of those racks and 24 tubs take up their share of space.  Toss in an 18 mth old with a LOVE for tubs and the cool contents one might find in them and you have a recipe for disaster.  While she normally left them alone long enough to get through school work, she would take advantage of my back being turned to cook dinner. I’d turn around to find tubs everywhere!  I resorted to storing them on TOP of our school table in effort to keep her out.  As you can see they didn’t exactly fit, nor were they asthetically pleasing.

One of my favorite homeschooling moms on twitter, Amanda @ThisCountryLife , shared with me her “workboxes” and while at first I thought it wouldn’t work… it did! I realized that when we’re done, I can simply spin them around so Bubbagirl can’t pull out the drawers.

Here’s what we have now!

The very observant of you probably noticed that we’re short about 5 boxes for each girl.  This is NOT a problem.  First, most days I struggled to find 12 activities for each one of them. Coordinating them so they didn’t both end up with “Work with Mom” cards simultaneously was tricky as well.  During December I actually cut it down to only six boxes a day! 

I also added three velcro dots to each drawer.  One for the subject, one for the number (what order it is to be done), and one for what do to AFTER the box is done – in case I want to add in something.  These would be tags for Free Reading time, Play Wii, take a break, have a snack, Dance Time, etc.

Here is a picture of my little folder and baseball card holders that contain my activity tags and timer cards.  The subjects and number tags are in a small tub (yeah, it’s an obsession with me!) since they get used most often.

Tomorrow is the first day we’ll be using our new curriculum AND our new workbox drawers.  I finally finished writing up some notes on what I want to fill them with and plan on getting them loaded up this afternoon.

Our next post will be all about our new curriculum!

Do you have a post about your workbox system?  I’d love to see it!  Leave a comment and a link so we can all check it out!

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