Finally, some success in the laundry room!

Last week I did a complete overhaul of the chores routine in this house.  It needed it.  I needed it.  With a new baby on the way someone needed to be trained NOW in how to help out around here.

The best idea that came out of the entire thing?  My new laundry schedule.  Essentially, there is a day for each person, with Saturday being our towel/linens day. 


The stairwell to the garage USED to be our main hamper. 


Or the floor.


any floor would do.


Now, however, someone is in charge every day of gathering laundry that ‘accidently’ didn’t make it to the appropriate person’s hamper or bag and put it in the correct hamper/bag.

Now, every day, there is one load of laundry done – for ONE specific person, and THEY are responsible for getting it downstairs, washing it, drying it, and putting it away.  It has to be done that day so the machines are empty for the next person. 

Want to know if it’s working? 

Three weeks ago my dear sweet wonderfully tactful husband said, upon entering the garage:

“Hey honey, ya think this laundry will ever be .. um.. like ALL done? “

I refrained from sticking my 24 week pregnant foot up his 33 year old rumpus.  Honestly, I was afraid he’d hit the dryer and break it, he’s a hefty kind of guy.

Last night, I asked him to run downstairs and check to see if the towels were done (I was a day behind because we had company on Saturday).  He came upstairs asking where the laundry was hiding.

I calmly said “it’s ALL done.”


Do you have a laundry schedule? Do you delegate or tackle it all yourself?