DIY Bath Salts, a healthy science experiment with a bonus!

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We have four (so far) little divas at our house, one of which is me.

Well, I’m a diva when I they aren’t around! 

Few things tickle these girls more than having something special to use in the bath tub: bubble bath, hotel soaps and shampoos, and mommy’s bath salts.

With a little looking I found an easy peasy recipe for perfect princess bath salts, and a groovy science experiment.

For the salts, we’ll need Epsom Salt.  How about we really start this from scratch and just make our own!
Here’s the how to on making epsom salt.  It takes a few days, much like making crystals or rock candy.  I can give you specifics soon as I plan on making some immediately!

I picked this recipe for the bath salts because they didn’t require glycerin.  They actually use baking soda which I have on hand.  I’ll be eliminating the oil because my girls don’t care much for the smelly part.  They think they are just magic princess crystals for the bath tub!

Now for the really cool part!  It’s good for you!  My midwife, shortly after I delivered Bubbagirl, told me to put 1/2 cup of Epsom Salt in my bath water because it was antibacterial (ok, maybe it just slowed it down, or something like that… but I’m pretty sure she was talking about killing germs). 
Here are a few more benefits I found:

“Researchers and physicians suggest these health benefits from proper magnesium and sulfate levels, as listed on the web site of the Epsom Salt Industry Council:

  • Improved heart and circulatory health, reducing irregular heartbeats, preventing hardening of the arteries, reducing blood clots and lowering blood pressure.
  • Improved ability for the body to use insulin, reducing the incidence or severity of diabetes.
  • Flushed toxins and heavy metals from the cells, easing muscle pain and helping the body to eliminate harmful substances.
  • Improved nerve function by electrolyte regulation. Also, calcium is the main conductor for electrical current in the body, and magnesium is necessary to maintain proper calcium levels in the blood.
  • Relieved stress. Excess adrenaline and stress are believed to drain magnesium, a natural stress reliever, from the body. Magnesium is necessary for the body to bind adequate amounts of serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of well being and relaxation.
  • Reduced inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps.
  • Improved oxygen use.
  • Improved absorption of nutrients.
  • Improved formation of joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins.
  • Prevention or easing of migraine headaches. “
Health Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths a Care2 favorite by Melissa Breyer

I’ll let you know how our crystals turn out!  Let me know if you decide to make your own Princess Crystals!

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