What am I an elephant?

baby elephant | playing in the waterImage by Adam Foster | Codefor via Flickr

I’m a mom, forgetting things is normal


“Mom, you forget to wash my favorite dress!”

“Mom, you forget to buy more Inspector Hector!”

“Honey, did you remember to turn off the oven?”

“Hey darlin’, how’s that paperwork from two months ago coming along?”

“Umm, sweetheart, is there a reason the eye of the stove is still on?”

“Mom! It’s freezing in here!” (as they get out of bed to a house that’s 58 degrees)

Apparently, turning the heat BACK on after the warm afternoon has dipped back to 30 degrees slipped my mind entirely.

It would seem life has left me a few too many loose ends this week.  Anyone want to come walk behind me and make sure I don’t burn the place down? (or freeze us all!)

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