Yesterday's New Beginning

Before they little Chaos Makers get up I wanted to share with you a few highlights and lowlights to our school yesterday. It was the beginning of a new workbox style and a new curriculum. In the end, despite some drama, Dbug hugged me and said it was the “funnest school day ever”.

Apparently, we have some work to do on our vocabulary.

Let’s start with the lowlights, get them over with:

  • While mom was excited and ‘on the ball’, and Taderbug was more than willing to comply (especially when she heard the word “pancakes”), my Doodlebug dragged herself around for the first two hours of the morning like she was hungover.  It still baffles me how it can take 30 minutes to brush her teeth. Must be all that looking at herself in the mirror.
  • The Bible Lesson, a simple story portion of school that starts EVERY school day now, was miserable.  Great story once we got it all out there.  But the squirming and interrupting made me a little crazy.  We did this part in the living room and honestly, I’m surprised they heard anything I said.
  • Shuffling… It was Momma’s first day with the new plan, so of course, my ducks were in a row but there were a LOT of ducks!  It took a bit of shuffling to keep myself together.  I know this will get better as I grow to know exactly what we will and will not need throughout the day.
  • Our workbox drawers looked awfully empty. Filling them was a lot of work and required a bit of planning.  I began to wonder if they were still going to be useful with the new line of work.

Now for the good stuff:

  • Remember the hug I mentioned earlier? Yeah, that tops this list.
  • The look on their face when we printed out their drawn picture with their typed story.
  • Hearing Tbug explain why there were pigs in her drawing of the Tower of Babel. (what else will they ride on mom? they have no cars!)
  • At first, there was some “hey I wanna do what she’s doing”, until they realized that somewhere in their boxes they were going to get to do the same thing.  
  • Being done with Tbugs work before lunchtime.
  • Being done with Dbugs work shortly after lunchtime.
  • Having ALL the life skills done by 2 pm.
  • Dinner was COOKED and ready to eat by 2pm.
  • Tbug- my “I don’t care if I ever learn to read” girl – read “Red” and “Orange” all by herself!  (oddly, she didn’t recognize “Blue” which is her favorite color!)
  • When I sat down to do a preview of today and plan out which box to put stuff in I was only ‘down’ for about 20 minutes.  

It was a good school day, and it has left me feeling optimistic for today.  While our workboxes seem out of place, I think once we get the hang of things, and they require less explanations, the workboxes will once again be beneficial.  For now, they can keep Bubbagirl entertained as she sits and pulls the velcro numbers and cards off the front.


What has worked for you this week? (or not?)  Do you have any tips or tricks for using unit studies in your house?

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