Menu Plan Monday – March 15, 2010

I mentioned in my last post, that I would not only show my menu, but share a little bit of the thought process behind it.

This week we have Activity Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and as of right now we’re pretty sure Daddy is going to be sent out of town for at least two nights (just not sure which ones yet).  My picky eaters are not going to care to much for authentic Irish dishes yet, and I just had corned beef and cabbage.  For this reason, there won’t be anything special on the menu for that, at least not for dinner.  I am considering making green clover pancakes for breakfast.

We have at least one busy day (Activity Day), and two days where we don’t need ‘big meaty meals’ for Dad.  We have no plans for the weekend so I am going to need to fill a full seven days. 

My ‘junk’ day will be Fish Sticks, French Fries, and Veggies.  If this ends up being a day with Daddy home then he’ll have a fish fillet while we eat the other. (I don’t care much for fish)

Our crockpot meal this week is pot roast, red taters, and veggies– probably green beans since all the kids will eat them.  This is usually good for leftovers the next night.  This will have to be supplemented with fruit, maybe another veggie or bean as the girls have yet to really appreciate a good pot roast!

Doodlebug’s new favorite: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes.  This is a favorite of hubby’s as well and I’ve only made it once in the past two years! 

Spaghetti, this is a standby for when Dad is out of town.  All the girls love it and it’s a guaranteed leftover maker.  I’ll stuff the sauce with pureed broccoli and maybe even pureed carrots for extra goodness. 

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo is my last planned meal.  Don’t think I’m cool or anything… this is precooked, packaged chicken and some canned sauce.  I’m getting slow and tired will return to making stuff from scratch later.  Right now my goal is to fill a tummy or two. 

That makes five meals, at least two of which will provide next day leftovers!

Now I wait to see if Mr. B will leave today or tomorrow.  Then I can get a general idea of what order I’m going to cook things.


I’d also like to make up some bread this week, and maybe a batch of cookies with my girls.  I’m also considering making up a double batch of spaghetti sauce to freeze for after Peanut arrives.  This is about when I started planning frozen meals for when Bubbagirl would arrive, and it was a life saver for Mr. B.

What’s your menu this week?

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