Not sure I needed a steak THAT bad.

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I really needed to get some groceries.

Needed to add to my stockpile.

**I love the grocerygame!**

 Mr. B said we could ALL go together once he returned from getting his vehicle inspected.

**um, don’t think I said I wanted ALL five of us to go, but maybe I can score dinner out of this deal**

We almost didn’t make it anywhere.  My tummy start feeling so bad I actually spent a good half an hour just hanging out on the bathroom floor.  I REALLY didn’t want to cook now.  So I sucked it up.  Ate some peanut butter crackers, and dressed everyone for dinner and grocery shopping.

We never made it to the grocery store.


Because for WHATEVER reason (not my server’s fault though), the service at Texas Steakhouse that night was ridiculously SLOW. 

I did everything right too.  Ordered the kids food with our appetizer so they could be full and happy.  The waitress brought extra crayons and kids menu’s to color.   We had Bubbagirl’s snacks and bottle.  We even broke out the droid and the blackberry to give her something to play.

I ate my steak with her on my lap, facing behind me, crying in my ear.  It was a tight squeeze with my belly in that booth but she wouldn’t sit with Daddy.

I’m pretty sure it was just a mixup.  The rest of the tables were being served on time.  But geesh….  for what that night out with no cooking cost me I should have just stayed home. 

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2 thoughts on “Not sure I needed a steak THAT bad.

  1. Kelly Hoosier says:

    I hate it when a night out to eat goes wrong. It totally makes me grumpy. Then that makes the kids grumpy. Better luck next time :o)

    • TaderDoodles says:

      I forgive them 🙂 We went early, but they were still pretty busy. I got my Gold Spurs card today though and my FREE Tshirt! So now I get to go straight to the front of the line and get monthly coupons! Maybe it’ll be faster next time.

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