Tuesday: Tackling the Laundry…my 15 minute challenge for today.

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It’s shocking just how well our new “one persons laundry per day” rule is working out!  I was feeling ill over the weekend and had to do our towel day on Monday, along with my laundry, but even being about a half day behind we’re still doing great!  Having Bubbagirl’s day be on Wednesday gives me a good buffer for catching up mid week.  Her loads are never full loads (her clothes are tiny), so it’s easy to toss in Doodlebug’s and get caught up quickly.

Our piles of dirty laundry are minimal.

It’s the clean clothes that are now piling up.

I STILL haven’t sorted through the big girls items to take out the too-small-or-too-dirty stuff. 

oh pick a color LOL

This is a lovely picture, taken by my Taderbug, from weeks ago!  It’s worse now.  So today, I want to try and tackle it.  It’s overwhelming.  Pair it with my discomfort from the pregnancy and I just don’t want to do it.

I hate how it looks though.

I hate listening to the girls whine about not being able to find clothes when OBVIOUSLY they have clothes to wear!

So today, WE (the girls too) are going to do at least two 15 minute challenges focused entirely on this pile of clean laundry!  To be accountable, I’m going to take pictures and show them in my twitter feed!  Follow along with the #tbtc15 (Too Busy To Clean 15) hashtag and share with us what YOU tackled today!

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One thought on “Tuesday: Tackling the Laundry…my 15 minute challenge for today.

  1. Adrienne May says:

    I have been trying to stick with a load of laundry per day. That means one load in the wash, into the dryer and folded and hopefully put away (this is another area I have had trouble with). We do laundry and then have piles of folded, clean laundry in our bedroom that we don’t ever put away…and then it gets messed up when you are looking for a shirt and you wind up folding it again later! One laundry load per day is so much more manageable than waiting til 5 to 6 loads builds up.
    On another note, how do 5 people (3 of them are small!) create SOOO much laundry in the first place?

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