Wasn't there a challenge?

blue clothes
Image by Avagirl_Taderdoodles via Flickr

Ah yes… on TUESDAY it seems I challenged myself to finish putting the girls laundry away.
Well, aside from getting school work done and moving the blogs I haven’t done much of anything.
That’s okay though. The laundry is all washed, it’s just that PILE of clothes for the girls that need to be sorted.  I’m considering taking on the task this evening.  Hubby is still out of town for work and since I don’t watch “our shows” without him, I can put a movie in for the kids and hang out upstairs to sort, fold and put away.
Once it’s done I know I’ll feel better.
Then again, I have no plans for this weekend. Netflix on the laptop while folding laundry on my bed sounds like a plan too.

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