Sugar Cube Houses? Really … ?

I had a terrible time with the lesson today.  I just couldn’t seem to bring it down to a level they understood.  We made it through and moved on to the related “activity” that was supposed to drive the point home on a tactile level.

Build two houses… one with no plan (via fewer cubes because you didn’t plan and save your money) and on with a plan (more cubes because you saved up for it).

NEVER AGAIN will I build anything with sugar cubes.

First, they are not CUBED… at least not squared properly.  One way is definitely shorter than the other.  My kids did not pay attention to that fact at ALL.


Second, they shed sugar!  EVERYWHERE. Barefeet and sugar crystals on the floor do not go well together. 

Lastly, because by the time we were done one of my girls was almost in tears and I was reminding I did NOT have little engineers on my hands. 


What good idea have you had fall apart on you?  A crafty idea better left in your head maybe?  Don’t tell me I’m the only one !  

6 thoughts on “Sugar Cube Houses? Really … ?

  1. Honey says:

    We made igloos out of sugar cubes when we were studying the Inuit. It was fun, but he sugar got everywhere. The kids ate the sugar cubes. You had to use just the right amount of glue or they would dissolve. It was not very kid friendly. We won’t be doing that again.

    • TaderDoodles says:

      I LOVE Windows LiveWriter.. just wish it would work under Wine in Ubuntu so I could use it on my mini. I love the way it does pics, but these were actually edited with Picnik… another favorite of mine 🙂

  2. Queen Beth says:

    LOL! I hated that one too! Some of the projects in Weaver are stupid. You DON’T have to do them all. Choose the ones you like and adapt the ones you don’t! 🙂

    • TaderDoodles says:

      I’ve never even seen sugar cubes until now. I had NO idea how messy it would be (or the glue that would be wasted!) We’ve almost skipped this Bible lesson all together because I struggled to understand it myself. I mean I get the point I just didn’t understand how they related it to building a house. It was weird.

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