Today’s Lesson: How to redecorate Daddy’s cubicle

I don’t think I’ve ever met a parent that didn’t have some form of their kids artwork up at the office. Unless it was against the rules, that is.  The Mr. B used to have tons of construction paper bugs and colored pages taped and tacked about. 

One day, I let the girls color on canvases he had purchased for me to paint.  (Not much painting going on for me lately)  He liked the look of the “artwork” in his office so much that he started buying us more.


He found a three pack (not mounted on wood) for $3 on clearance at Wally World.  Sometimes we find them at Big Lots or Michaels.  The girls feel very professional using them.

He had asked me to have the girls make some updated pieces for his cubicle at work.  I have been stalling, waiting for the perfect day to paint (read: when they could go OUTSIDE).


Today was the day.  So early this morning I doodled them a picture on the canvas in the hopes of giving some direction to their work.

First Canvas Second Canvas

Once breakfast was over and teeth were brushed, they donned my oldest t-shirts and headed out to the porch.

Even Bubbagirl had a canvas, blank of course, and some oil pastels.


After three trips for new paint, and a repeated lesson in color mixing we ended up with these fine works of art:





and Doodlebug’s:


Yea, he’s the coolest dad at the office!

6 thoughts on “Today’s Lesson: How to redecorate Daddy’s cubicle

    • TaderDoodles says:

      They didn’t turn out the way I pictured in my mind! The did much better with their paint by numbers (which is why I was expecting more) but they are happy, and Daddy’s happy and who am I to judge ?!

  1. Rhonda Henrich says:

    What a great idea! I think we found a bunch of those at church…do I see a Sunday school craft in the future?
    Anyhow, I’ll have to keep my eye open for some of them. Dh loves to bring the girls’ artwork to his “office”. Otherwise known as a cubicle. So much more professional looking.

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