I want back in this room! TODAY!

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Do ya’ll remember this tweet? From about a month ago when I was going to TRY and find this room?


It was awful.  It took me all afternoon, but I did get it down to half a disaster area. 

Yesterday, I went in and almost finished the job!  Now I want to craft…. I want to take out my scraps and sew SOMETHING!




It’s not perfect, but I can see the machines and the floor! 


Now, who can link me up with some cool crafts to use up my scraps?

5 thoughts on “I want back in this room! TODAY!

  1. TaderDoodles says:

    Thanks!  It’s a hard thing to keep up with, the girls kind of trash it everytime I go in there to work.  One of these days though LOL I’ll have it all together right?

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