Today’s Lesson: What does Heaven look like?

Our Bible Lesson today was a discussion about Heaven.  Who made it, Who gets to go, How you get there, and What it will look like.

I started with a lesson from DLTK- Bible "Heaven".

Then we cut out the front and back panel off of an empty cereal box, and glued the “Heaven’s Gate” picture to it (for stability).

Then, on the deck OUTSIDE, I armed them with bling and glitter glue so they could design their gate.  While they were digging around they found some fun foam crowns and asked if they could make “the crown God is gonna give us when we get there”. 

Yea, I figured I’d explain that part in better detail later, and I just let them have at it.

CIMG1287 CIMG1288

CIMG1282 CIMG1283


I love that Daddy and I were made crowns too!

Maybe today we can get around to the rest of the Heaven Activities I found at

2 thoughts on “Today’s Lesson: What does Heaven look like?

  1. Honey says:

    What a great idea doing a lesson about Heaven! We have never done that. I will have to mention that to hubby and see what he thinks… and of course check out the website that you mentioned. I love their stuff.

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