When all else fails, give them to the frog

Thanks to a little creative nudge from my friend Mika from Froggy Girl, I felt moved to sew something for my kids. (Ok, so it was to use up my stash so I’d be allowed to buy more, but they don’t need to know that)

I started out trying to make Bubbagirl some bloomers. (Luckily I cut out two)

**thank you Simplicity Patterns for making a size 18 mths too big for my five year old**

So we tightened up the elastic in the second pair so she could at least hold them up.

Then I took a night gown pattern, had my evil way with it, made up some sleeves and TRIED to make Taderbug something.

Only to find out that pattern was roughly 100 sizes off as well.  So Doodlebug ended up with the nightgown (still a bit big even for her), and Taderbug took possession of Bubbagirls original bloomers.

This was the scene at bedtime last night:


(can you tell I had a LOT of that particular stash to get rid of? )

This morning, I threw together another nightgown for Taderbug, this time starting at a size 4.  It is well past her feet, but she isn’t complaining and we’re just going to hope it shrinks in the wash.

I really wanted something for Bubbagirl though. Something that would fit and not cause her Daddy to laugh quite so hard.

I found a pair of training panties (too big for her) and used them to try and create a set of smaller bloomers.

I ended up with this:


Of course, this time they are way to small.

So who gets them? Since Bubbagirl is the smallest one of all right now?

The frog.

Yep, the frog.

Apparently he’s been needing new underwear.


Anyone else feel the urge to sing:

“I’m too sexy for my kitties, too sexy for kitties”

yea, me neither.

6 thoughts on “When all else fails, give them to the frog

  1. Peggy Brister says:

    I really feel inadequate as a mother and as a woman because I do not have sewing skills. I couldn’t make a pair of underwear if you showed me how. Thanks for making me even more insecure!! Thanks AlOT!! 🙂

    • TaderDoodles says:

      Peggy, your so funny! Did you miss the point about how they didn’t fit? LOL Poor baby laid on the floor while I tried to force them above her knees but they just wouldn’t go any further!

  2. Amy @ Raising Arrows says:

    ROFLOL! You have no idea HOW MANY TIMES my girls’ dolls and animals got cloth diapers while I was in the process of making a pattern work!
    Love that duck fabric by the way! WTG mama!

  3. TaderDoodles says:

    I crocheted Bubbagirl a wool wrap for her diapers that looked more like a wool thong.  I need to either get better or just start ordering them from moms who know what their doing 🙂



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