An Easter Craft, Egg-cellent Garland!


I realize Easter is over, and while we may be done making Easter Themed crafts, this is still a fun craft that can be cut to fit any shape for any holiday!

You’ll need:

Colored Paper


Hole Punches

Clear Contact Paper (I have laminating sheets, but contact paper is less expensive)

Ribbon, String, etc.


Because ours was Easter specific, we chose colors based on the poem often used for a Jelly Bean craft.

“Red is for the Blood He Gave,

Green is for the Grass He Made,

Yellow is for the Sun so Bright,

Orange is for the Edge of Night,

Black is for the Sins We Made,

White is for the Grace He Gave,

Purple is for His Hour of Sorrow,

Pink is for Our New Tomorrow!”


I gave my girls some paper and fancy scrapbooking scissors, while I punched holes.

Then I laid out three pieces of contact paper, sticky side up, and let them scatter the pieces all over.  Even Daddy joined in on the fun:


When all the decorating was done, I laid a second piece of contact paper on top and used a dry erase marker to give the girls some egg shapes to cut out.  A final hole punch to the top of each egg and some leftover birthday balloon ribbon and TADA….  we had garland!


Bubbagirl’s went over the back door.


Taderbug’s decorated the fish tank.


Doodlebug’s decorated the doorway between the kitchen and the living room.


Try it for any occasion! It’s easy and the kids had a blast! (I only wish I could have found all my paper punches…  )

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