My first #sixty60 update, Reconnecting with God is Good!

What’s been the most challenging aspect of the #sixty60 challenge this week?

The first day, by mid afternoon, I felt I was being insincere and repetitious.  It was totally my fault as I had not really planned or prepared in advance for ways to reconnect when there wasn’t time to really sit quietly.  So Monday morning, I scrolled through some email devotionals and found some Bible verses that touched me and wrote them on note cards.  I decided to start the “Bible in 90 Days” Challenge, even though the group session was done, I grabbed the schedule and am reading on my own.  This gives me something specific to do , to reconnect with God’s Word, during moments when I do have some quiet.   I haven’t set my timer, YET.  Focusing on the top of the hour has worked okay with the exception of the weekend, when we had company here.  I did start to notice after a few days that even if I wasn’t stopping to connect, I was bringing God up in conversations with others more often, seemingly helping them to connect.

What do you think God is trying to do in your life right now?

There are big changes on the horizon for us.  A new baby in about nine weeks.  Our current lease will be up.  Our old home mortgage is in loan modification (because we can’t pay rent and the payment) and we recently heard that our renters there may be leaving – soon.  There are job changes (positive ones!) and extended family issues.  This past week I really felt that God was reminding me that He has it covered.  He will provide.  It will be okay (even if it’s hard). 

Psalm 37:23-24  “The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives. Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand.

I am, unfortunately, a control freak.  I had learned to let that go some time back and it felt good.  With this pregnancy, and my exhaustion, I am attempting to get ‘control’ again – of everything -  as if things being done my way would somehow be easier for me.  This upcoming week, I hope to work on letting that go.  Lay it at the feet of my Lord, and trust in His plan, His way, His word, and His provision. 

What sin(s) have you been conscious of this week?

I am angry.  I speak harshly.  I am selfish.  I still have my “Pet Sin Rock” in my pocket, his name is Envy.  I preach respect, and mercy and yet lose myself regularly and become mean and judgmental. 

What are you learning about yourself through the challenge?

Shutting up is a wonderful thing.  The ability to bite my tongue is a blessing I have yet to receive.  If I don’t like the way others are treating me, take a moment to look at how I treated someone else.  If I don’t want my kids to roll their eyes, or look at the television when I’m speaking to them, then maybe I need to take note of what I’m doing and where my eyes are looking when they are speaking to me.  I am far from the Biblical wife and mother, there is much work to be done.  I pray that this week I can open myself up again and allow God to be at work in my heart.

4 thoughts on “My first #sixty60 update, Reconnecting with God is Good!

  1. Amy @ MomsToolbox says:

    I am so excited for you that you are reading the Bible in 90 Days! Even if our online group is finishing up, there are still plenty still reading.
    Swing by MomsToolbox and search by each days reading day (if you like) and you’ll find my SOAP devotion for almost every day.
    I’d love to keep encouraging you through to the finish.. keep me posted as to your progress and I’ll definitely be in prayer for you.
    And mark July 5 on your calendar when our next group starts.. maybe you could be a mentor. 🙂

  2. TaderDoodles says:

    Thanks for stopping by!  And thank you for the encouragement!  I will definately check out your SOAP devotions.   Hopefully by July 5th we will be settled in with the new baby and I will be able to participate.

    I fell behind over the weekend, but hope to catch up today!

  3. Ashley says:

    Yeah!!! The challenge is “working”!! 🙂 I need to find some time today to sit and reflect on my week… I know it’s “working”, I just haven’t figured out how much.

  4. TaderDoodles says:

    Your post with your reflections on the week was wonderful!  Thanks again Ashley for hosting this!  Now to go find my notecards…  I fell behind while we were doing schoolwork!

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