Inside my head, April 13th, Part One

(semi stream of consciousness, mostly all the stuff I can’t tweet about because it’s too long… welcome to my day)
5:50 am – I heard hubby having breakfast downstairs.  He must have known I was up all night with the girls because he said he’d only wake me to have coffee with him before he left if he thought I had been able to sleep the night before.  Taderbug came in and curled up on his empty pillow.  I told her to stay on his side so she didn’t wake Bubbagirl and I headed downstairs.  My head is pounding.  I have been praying since I went to bed (and every hour that I was woken up) that God would give us some reprieve from whatever it is that has attacked our house: cold or allergies, it needed to go.  It does seem that Doodlebug had an easier night with it and Hubby seems to be fine as well.
6:10 am – Kissed hubby goodbye till tomorrow night.  Be safe baby. As he was walking out the door he told me to take them all to the doctor if I felt there was something really wrong. Hmmm, let’s see.  I don’t have a doctor, and unlike before when we had a family practitioner who would pile us in one room on one appointment and sort of treat us as one, THIS is a pediatrician who is going to see each child separately (to the lovely tune of a $25 copay per kid) and ignore that I have the same thing – whatever it is.  I’ll pass on spending $75 to be told it’s a cold, a ‘bug’, or allergies and to go home and wait it out.  I’m a big momma…. I’m watching for fevers…. I’m watching for flaring nostrils….and I know what strep throat looks like.  Strep does NOT go away at 2 pm when the sun starts shining.  This seemed to be all fine and dandy with them shortly after lunch yesterday.  I’m going to have to be REALLY worried before I drag three sick kids and a sick pregnant mommy into the doctors office.
7:04 am – I caved. I took some sudafed. Don’t tell my midwife. I’m all for going the natural route, until I turn into a raving monster who wants to eat anyone in my path and then it’s really best to just let me have some medicine and take a nap.  I gave the tea a try.  Maybe it didn’t work as miraculously as she said because it was a tea and not me chewing directly on the dried leaves (like she originally wanted).  Maybe it’s because this is a cold and not allergies. I don’t know. Honestly, don’t care right now. The sudafed is helping.  You know, it just seems wrong for me to get on an all natural high horse over medical care when I just put my favorite Mary Kay lotion on my exceptionally raw nose. (I like MK products, heck I sell them, but they ain’t exactly all natural KWIM?)  I considered turning on the news, then decided I could see blown up people, stupid people, beat up people and half naked people any ole time…. right now it’s quiet, so I’m going to enjoy it.
Today’s To Do List:
Have Coffee
Pray, distribute tissues and medicine
Don’t hurt anyone while trying to feed them breakfast
Make up something “school like” so Doodlebug doesn’t think she’s getting another sick day.
Hold off on washing laundry, something tells me I’m going to be washing sheets today, or maybe towels… coughing until little ones gag is never fun.
Eat Breakfast while fixing their lunch
Decide the way to keep the living room clean is to take out the sofa bed (takes up the WHOLE ROOM). They can lay around and watch movies all day instead.
Pray, and distribute tissues and medicine
Work on tomorrows lessons (because we’re magically gonna be better right?)
Bribe everyone to lay in my bed and watch a movie on Daddy’s laptop so Momma can take a nap
Fix Ramen noodles…  cuz they feel good on a sore throat.
(is it possible to keep them in a hot bath until bed time?) guess not…
7:18 am – I hear Bubbagirl stirring upstairs.  I better get her before she wakes up the coughing queen.  (to be con’t…)

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