Inside my head, April 13th, Part Two…

7:25 am – False alarm on the Bubbagirl…  guess I’ll go empty the dishwasher, that should be easy enough.
7:44 am – Can someone explain how I just cleaned the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher, loaded the dishwasher and RAN THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL without waking anyone yet my husband woke us up this morning by making a bowl of cereal?  Are they incapable of tiptoeing, whispering, or being gentle?  I can remember when I used to have a long commute. I was up at 3 and out the door by 5 am.  I put my shoes on at the front door on my way out.  When he had that long commute, he put his big ole work boots on as he got out of the shower and stomped around in them for an hour.  Oh well, guess I’ll start a load of laundry after all.  And then grab my bible. I’m a day behind on my 90 days.
8:10 am – no laundry, got busy tweeting and finding crafts online with my girl @froggygirletsy, cuz she’s cool like that.  Now I have two little people awake.  Good thing I didn’t start the laundry though, because as I mentioned in the previous post I had a feeling I was going to be washing sheets.  A leaky diaper has done me in again.
9:26 am – I am starving, kids don’t want to eat (at least not the two that are awake) so I’m eating alone. A bologna sandwich with chips.  Milk will make me feel bad and I’m out of grits. Cooking is NOT an option this morning, so I’m skipping right past breakfast foods into lunch.  @jessstrack just reminded me that I needed to get dressed before the Schwan’s man arrives.  I’m wondering if I could just tape the check to the door with a note for him to leave my bagel dogs on the porch.
10:30 am – Everyone except Doodlebug has eaten breakfast. (pause, while I run upstairs to find clothes because despite numerous warnings from my friends to get dressed I totally ignored them and the Schwan’s guy shows up while I still have my jammies on… UGH)
Sheets are in the dryer.  Dishwasher is done. There are so many little things I could do.  Cut out patterns, cut coupons, read, blog, etc.  So why aren’t I? Well, because I’m a little short on tolerating interruptions lately.  Probably because it takes so much energy for me to get started that having someone or something interrupt me (causing me to have to start again) is beyond frustrating.  Especially when the interruptions are needless, or when it’s because one of my kids wants to be a meanie pants to the other one.  Doodlebug has interrupted me four times in this SINGLE PARAGRAPH just to ask me what she should put on her MySims character or to whine because the people on MySims don’t come visit her.  Like.I.Care.
I’m thinking that if I just wait it out until Bubbagirl takes a nap then at least that would be one less possible interruption. Until they wake her up of course.
12:51 pm – lunchtime update before I post part two.  Bubbagirl and Taderbug have been napping for almost two hours.  I napped for the first 30 minutes before Doodlebug came to ask me if she could go outside and play with a neighbor.  Apparently it’s parent/teacher day at her private school.  Since Doodlebug actually slept through the night and took her meds this morning without fuss I said adios and kicked her out the door.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t even wait for her to brush her hair.  I spent at least 45 minutes chatting it up with my Nana on the phone and am now about to eat some leftovers for lunch.  Ahhh, all is quiet for now.  I miss my hubby already.  Not that he would normally be home right now. I just know that he won’t be home tonight.  I’m already missing him.
In my next update I’ll share with you my new thoughts on year round homeschooling…. once I grab some paper so I can do the math without messing it up!

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