My kids are brilliant!

You have figured out how to make sure we skip school.  You are three very smart little children (rather two very smart ones with a very willing baby sister).  Somehow you even managed to get the little Peanut in my tummy to go along with your sneaky plan.  How crafty of you to time your coughing fits last night to run consecutively rather than simultaneously; ensuring that while you each took turns at getting a little sleep, I did NOT get ANY at ALL.  The one time I did doze off, you very sweetly called out my name until your Dad woke me up (because he figured if HE could have fixed it you would have called out HIS name).

I am very impressed your ability to function as a team.  It is a trait I have only seen when you desired ice cream or pizza or some new toy.  But this… this required advanced preparation and careful timing.  Nicely done my children.  Nicely done.

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